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Agrest and Gandelsonas WorksGandelsonas, Mario - Product Image

Agrest and Gandelsonas Works

Gandelsonas, Mario

 Price: $30.00

Alan Finkel

Cerruti, Mary/Arlen Raven/Jon Michael Schwarting

 Price: $13.00

Architecture and the Environment - Bioclimatic Building Design

Jones, David Lloyd

 Price: $31.00

Building Portsmouth - The Neighborhoods Architecture of New Hampshire's Oldest City

Candee, Richard M.

 Price: $15.00
Built in USA: Post-war ArchitectureHitchcock, Henry-Russell - Product Image

Built in USA: Post-war Architecture

Hitchcock, Henry-Russell

 Price: $23.00
Chicago Architecture 1872-1922 Birth of a MetropolisZukowsky (Ed.), John - Product Image

Chicago Architecture 1872-1922 Birth of a Metropolis

Zukowsky (Ed.), John

 Price: $38.00

Chicago's North Michigan Avenue: Planning and Development, 1900-1930

Stamper, John W.

 Price: $25.00

Cities & People - A Social and Architectural History

Giroyard, Mark

 Price: $30.00

Comfortable House: North American Suburban Architecture 1890-1930

Gowans, Alan

 Price: $35.00

Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises

Architecture for Humanity (Ed.)

 Price: $23.00

Designing With Nature: The Ecological Basis for Architectural Design

Yeang, Ken

 Price: $23.00

Downtown USA: Urban Design in Nine American Cities

Halpern, Kenneth

 Price: $20.00

Envisioning Better Communities - Seeing More Options, Making Wiser Choices

Arendt, Randall

 Price: $31.00
Foreclosed: Rehousing the American DreamBergdoll, Barry - Product Image

Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream

Bergdoll, Barry

 Price: $25.00

Gwathmey Siegel - Buildings and Projects 1982-1992

Collins (Editors), Brad/Diane Kasprowicz

 Price: $13.00

Interior Pedestrian Places

Bednar, Michael J.

 Price: $40.00

Kisho Kurokawa 1978-1989


 Price: $38.00


Baietti (Ed.), Stefano

 Price: $60.00

Man Made the Town

Middleton, Michael

 Price: $15.00
Michael Bell: Space Replaces Us--Essays and Projects on the CityBELL, MICHAEL - Product Image

Michael Bell: Space Replaces Us--Essays and Projects on the City


 Price: $30.00

Monks, Nuns, and Monasteries

Sitwell, Sacheverell

 Price: $15.00

New Directions in British Architecture

Landau, Royston

 Price: $19.00

New Downtowns, The: Rebuilding Business Districts

Redstone, Louis G.

 Price: $30.00

New Towns, The - The Answer to Megalopolis

Osborn, Frederic J. and Arnold Whittick

 Price: $26.00

New Towns: Antiquity to the Present

Galantay, Ervin Y.

 Price: $15.00

New Urbanism, The

Katz, Peter

 Price: $30.00

New Uses for Old Buildings

Cantacuzino, Sherban

 Price: $19.00

New World Architecture, The

Cheney, Sheldon

 Price: $38.00
New York LandmarksBurnham, Alan - Product Image

New York Landmarks

Burnham, Alan

 Price: $15.00

October 12

Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies

 Price: $25.00

October 4 Magazine - Fall 1977

Krauss (Ed.), Rosalind

 Price: $31.00

Ornaments of the Metropolis: Siegfried Kracauer and Modern Urban Culture

Reeh, Henrik

 Price: $13.00

Out of the Ordinary: Architecture Urbanism and Design

Brownlee, David

 Price: $26.00

Out of the Ordinary: Architecture Urbanism and Design

Brownlee, David

 Price: $26.00

Pennsylvania Avenue

President's Council on Pennsylvania Avenue

 Price: $20.00

Planning Design Criteria

De Chiara, Joseph and Lee Koppelman

 Price: $30.00

Richmondtown Restoration Staten Island City of New York

Staten Island Historical Society

 Price: $63.00

Shaping the Great City - Modern Architecture in Central Europe 1890 - 1937

Blau, Eve/Monika Platzer (Editors)

 Price: $31.00
Sketchbooks of Paolo Soleri, TheSoleri, Paolo, Illust. by: Paolo Soleri - Product Image

Sketchbooks of Paolo Soleri, The

Soleri, Paolo, Illust. by: Paolo Soleri

 Price: $75.00

Sprawl: A Compact History

Bruegmann, Robert

 Price: $19.00

Stone Shelters

Allen, Edward

 Price: $25.00

Suzhou: Shaping an Ancient City for the New China

Prentice, Helaine Kaplan

 Price: $30.00

Thailand: Seven Days in the Kingdom - Photographed by Fifty of the World's Great Photographers During the Week of March 2-9, 1987

Warren, William/Gore Vidal (Introduction) & Suvit Yodman (Editor)

 Price: $31.00

Times Square Roulette: Remaking the City Icon

Sagalyn, Lynne B.

 Price: $23.00

Urban Oasis - Guideways and Greenways in the Human Environment, The

Warren, Roxanne

 Price: $30.00

Urban Space (Stadtraum)

Krier, Rob

 Price: $30.00

Urban Wilderness, The: A History of the American City (Classics in Urban History)

Warner, Sam Bass

 Price: $19.00
Vertigo: The Strange New World of the Contemporary CityMoore (Editor), Rowan - Product Image

Vertigo: The Strange New World of the Contemporary City

Moore (Editor), Rowan

 Price: $23.00

Yard, Street, Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space

Girling, Cynthia L. and Kenneth I. Helphand

 Price: $19.00