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After Rain

Trevor, William

 Price: $18.00

Algonquin Adventure

Cooke, Ronald J.

 Price: $12.00

Angel on the Roof, The: The Stories of Russell Banks

Banks, Russell

 Price: $40.00
CockroachHage, Rawi - Product Image


Hage, Rawi

 Price: $13.00
Corporal Downey Takes the TrailHendryx, James B. - Product Image

Corporal Downey Takes the Trail

Hendryx, James B.

 Price: $63.00
Fiend in Human, The GRAY, JOHN MacLACHLAN - Product Image

Fiend in Human, The


 Price: $10.00

Great Victorian Collection, The

Moore, Brian

 Price: $18.00

In the Track of the Huskies

Murray, Lillian

 Price: $8.00
Indian affairs: a novelWoiwode, Larry - Product Image

Indian affairs: a novel

Woiwode, Larry

 Price: $10.00

Jacob's Little Giant

Smucker, Barbara

 Price: $12.00

Last Seen

Cohen, Matt

 Price: $12.00

Life On This Planet and Other Stories

Cohen, Matt

 Price: $10.00

Minus Time

Bush, Catherine

 Price: $30.00

Mohawk Gamble

Ridle, Julia Brown

 Price: $15.00

More Famous Canadian Stories

French, Donald G., Illust. by: Stanley Turner

 Price: $20.00


Cohen, Matt

 Price: $30.00
ParadiseMorrison, Toni - Product Image


Morrison, Toni

 Price: $10.00

Raven, Creator of the World: Eskimo Legends Retold by Ronald Melzack

Melzack, Ronald

 Price: $12.00

Roaring Girl, The/ Stories

Hollingshead, Greg

 Price: $12.00

Save Me, Joe Louis

Kelly, M. T.

 Price: $10.00

Sea-Bird Island

Andrus, Vera

 Price: $15.00

Settlers in Canada, The.

Marryat, Captain, Illust. by: J. Ayton Symington

 Price: $15.00
Trap-Lines North: A True Story of the Canadian WoodsMeader, Stephen W. - Product Image

Trap-Lines North: A True Story of the Canadian Woods

Meader, Stephen W.

 Price: $75.00
Vandal LoveBechard, D.Y. - Product Image

Vandal Love

Bechard, D.Y.

 Price: $50.00

Veiled Countries/Lives

Blais, Marie-Claire

 Price: $6.00
Whirlpool, TheUrquhart, Jane - Product Image

Whirlpool, The

Urquhart, Jane

 Price: $18.00

Whirlpool, The

Urquhart, Jane

 Price: $25.00