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Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong, A: Volumes I & II.

Haywood, Charles

 Price: $30.00

Birds of the Northern Forest

Lansdowne, J. F./John A Livingston

 Price: $50.00

Comfortable House: North American Suburban Architecture 1890-1930

Gowans, Alan

 Price: $35.00


Garred, David, Illust. by: Daphne Dain

 Price: $25.00

Coppermine: The Far North of George M. Douglas

Mallory, Enid

 Price: $44.00
Corporal Downey Takes the TrailHendryx, James B. - Product Image

Corporal Downey Takes the Trail

Hendryx, James B.

 Price: $63.00

Cree Life, A: The Art of Allen Sapp

Sapp, Allen

 Price: $22.00
Labrador - The Country and the PeopleGrenfell, Wilfred T. - Product Image

Labrador - The Country and the People

Grenfell, Wilfred T.

 Price: $50.00

Manual of the Flora of the Northern States and Canada, A

Britton, Nathaniel Lord

 Price: $16.00

Muskeg and the Northern Environment in Canada - By the Muskeg Subcommittee of the NRC Associate Committee on Geotechnical Research

Radforth, N.W./C.O. Brawner

 Price: $23.00

Northland, the - Ontario

Williamson, O.T.G., Illust. by: Evan Macdonald

 Price: $20.00

Northwest Passage: A Photographer's Account of his Twenty-Three Day Journey Through the Perilous Northwest Passage -- From Alaska, Through Canada and the Northwest Territories, to Greenland

Ketchum, Robert Glenn (Photographer)

 Price: $20.00

Peter Freuchen's Book of the Eskimos

Freuchen, Peter

 Price: $25.00
Prisoners of the NorthBerton, Pierre - Product Image

Prisoners of the North

Berton, Pierre

 Price: $10.00

Promoters' City, The: Building the Industrial Town of Maisonneauve 1883-1918

Linteau, Paul-Andre, Robert Chodos (Translation)

 Price: $15.00

Roughing It in the Bush

Moodie, Susanna, Illust. by: R.A. Stewart

 Price: $23.00