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Barbarians & Mandarins - Thirteen Centuries of Western Travelers in China

Cameron, Nigel

 Price: $15.00

Century of Travels in China, A - Critical Essays on Travel Writing from the 1840s to the 1940s

Kerr (Editors), Douglas/Julia Kuehn

 Price: $31.00

China Safari: An American Explorer in the Forbidden Pamirs

Lee, Robert M.

 Price: $50.00

China: Empire of Living Symbols

Lindqvist, Cecilia

 Price: $25.00

Chinese Journey: A Remarkable Picture, in Photographs and Words, of China as it Really is Today

Kessle, Gun (Photography), Jan Myrdal (Text)

 Price: $25.00

City of Light, The

D'Ancona, Jacob and David Selbourne

 Price: $30.00

Empire's End: A History of the Far East From High Colonialism to Hong Kong

Keay, John

 Price: $8.00

Farthing Candle, The

Farquharson, Ronald

 Price: $19.00

Head of the Dragon, The

Clayre, Alasdair

 Price: $18.00

Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission: The Growth of a Work of God

Taylor, Dr & Mrs Howard

 Price: $38.00

In the People's Republic - An American Firsthand View of Living and working in China.

Schell, Orville

 Price: $18.00

Journey Through China

Roy, Jules

 Price: $15.00

National Geographic Magazine - Vol. LVIII July - December 1930 (Six Issues)

National Geographic Society

 Price: $44.00

National Geographic Magazine - Vol. XLIII January-June 1923 (Six Issues)

National Geographic Society

 Price: $44.00

Quest for Eternity, The: Chinese Ceramic Sculptures from the People's Republic of China

Caroselli, Susan L.

 Price: $13.00

River's Tale, The: A Year on the Mekong

Gargan, Edward A.

 Price: $19.00

Search for a Vanishing Beijing, The: A Guide to China's Capital Through the Ages

Aldrich, M.A.

 Price: $50.00

Silk Road, The: La Ruta de la Seda

Meniconzi, Alessandra (Photography), Bertram Job (Text)

 Price: $50.00

Visit to India, China and Japan, in the Year 1853, A

Taylor, Bayard

 Price: $100.00