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A Victorian Chair for All Seasons, A Facsimile of the Brooklyn Chair Company Catalogue of 1887

Brooklyn Chair Company

 Price: $16.00

American Woodworking Tools

Kebabian, Paul B.

 Price: $30.00

Architecture for Doll's Houses

Percival, Joyce

 Price: $10.00

Art of the Carousel from the Charlotte Dinger Collection, The

Dinger, Charlotte

 Price: $15.00

Art of Woodcarving

Teixido, Josepmaria

 Price: $10.00

Asian Ivory

Snyder, Jeffrey B.

 Price: $75.00
BambooAustin, Robert - Product Image


Austin, Robert

 Price: $25.00

Boy Mechanic, The: Book 1: 700 Things for Boys to Do


 Price: $35.00

Boy Mechanic, The: Book 3: 800 Things for Boys to Do


 Price: $35.00

By Southern Hands: A Celebration of Craft Traditions in the South

Arnow, Jan

 Price: $20.00

Complete Manual of Wood Veneering, The

Lincoln, William Alexander

 Price: $25.00

Construction of American Furniture Treasures

Margin, Lester

 Price: $8.00

Contemporary American Woodworkers

Stone, Michael A.

 Price: $100.00

Contempory Netsuke

Kinsey, Miriam

 Price: $50.00

Decoys of the Susquehanna Flats and Their Makers (SIGNED BY AUTHOR)

McKinney, J. Evans

 Price: $31.00

Dictionary of Woodworking Tools

Salaman, R.A.

 Price: $31.00

Eastern Shore, Virginia, Raised-Panel Furniture, 1730-1830

Melchor, James R., N. Gordon Lohr, and Marilyn S. Melchor

 Price: $200.00

Fine Furniture for the Amateur Cabinetmaker

Marlow, A. W.

 Price: $20.00

Furnishing the Home Grounds

Shepardson, Ken F.

 Price: $13.00

Handicrafts: Simplified Procedure and Projects

Griswold, Lester

 Price: $15.00

Handwrought Object, The: 1776-1976

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

 Price: $8.00

Hopi Kachina Dolls with a Key to their Identification

Colton, Harold S.

 Price: $10.00

John Shaw: Cabinetmaker of Annapolis

Elder III, William Voss and Lu Bartlett

 Price: $60.00

Kentucky's Age of Wood

Clarke & Kohn, Kenneth & Ira, Illust. by: Ira Kohn

 Price: $11.00

Kevin Ley's Furniture Projects: Practical Designs for Modern Living

Ley, Kevin

 Price: $15.00

Limberts Holland Dutch Arts and Crafts Furniture

Gray, Stephen

 Price: $11.00

Make a Chair from a Tree: An Introduction to Working Green Wood

Alexander Jr, John D.

 Price: $75.00

Making Canoe Paddles in Wood (SIGNED)

Warren, Graham

 Price: $88.00

Making Country Furniture - 15 Step-by-Step Projects

Buchanan, George

 Price: $10.00

Making Rustic Furniture: The Tradition, Spirit, and Technique with Dozens of Project Ideas

Mack, Daniel

 Price: $10.00

Northwoods Furniture - 13 rustic projects you can build

Stack, Jim

 Price: $13.00

Norwegian Rosemaling: Decorative Painting on Wood

Miller, Margaret M. and Sigmund Aarseth

 Price: $25.00

Practical Design - Solutions and Strategies


 Price: $10.00

Scroll Saw Handbook

Spielman, Patrick

 Price: $15.00

Space-Saving Furniture Projects

Mackenzie, Dave

 Price: $10.00
Spirit of America in Country Furniture, 1700-1840, TheJordan, Jerard & Pat - Product Image

Spirit of America in Country Furniture, 1700-1840, The

Jordan, Jerard & Pat

 Price: $15.00

Spirit of America in Country Furniture, 1700-1840, The

Jordan, Jerard & Pat

 Price: $8.00

Splintered History of Wood, A: Belt Sander Races, Blind Woodworkers, and Baseball Bats

Carlsen, Spike

 Price: $15.00

Wildlife in Wood

LeMaster, Richard

 Price: $31.00

Wood carvings: North American folk sculptures

Klamkin, Marian

 Price: $19.00

Wood Chair in America, The

Smith, , Ray C. & Page, Marian

 Price: $10.00
Wood: Craft, Culture, HistoryGreen, Harvey - Product Image

Wood: Craft, Culture, History

Green, Harvey

 Price: $13.00

Woodburner's Handbook, The: Rekindling an old Romance

Havens, David

 Price: $12.00

Wooden Shipbuilding and Small Craft Preservation

Preservation Press

 Price: $13.00

Woodworking Crafts

Tassel, R. Van

 Price: $6.00

Working at Woodworking: How to Organize Your Shop and Your Business

Tolpin, Jim

 Price: $15.00

Workshop Shortcuts - Tips, Tricks, Jigs & Aids for Woodworkers

McCulloch, Graham

 Price: $10.00

Yacht Craftsman's Handbook: 50 Woodworking Projects

Graves, Garth

 Price: $15.00