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An Apache PrincessKing, General Charles, Illust. by: Frederic Remington & E.W. Deming - Product Image

An Apache Princess

King, General Charles, Illust. by: Frederic Remington & E.W. Deming

 Price: $38.00

Boy and the Turtle, The

Chino, Velma

 Price: $18.00

Daughter of the Sioux

King, General Charles

 Price: $30.00

Horn Book Magazine: September-October 1996


 Price: $8.00

House of Peace, The

Dyer, Luisa A.

 Price: $19.00

Indians Of Yesterday

Gridley, Marion E.

 Price: $30.00

Little Metacomet or The Indian Playmate

Butterworth, Hezekiah, Illust. by: Frank Merrill

 Price: $23.00

Longhouse Winter

Jones, Hettie, Illust. by: Nicholas Gaetano

 Price: $15.00

Many Forked Branch, The

Carlson, Ewan

 Price: $19.00

Roller Bears and the Safeway Tribe

Fox, Edith

 Price: $18.00

Serpent Slayers, The

Niswander, Adam

 Price: $19.00

Song of Heyoehkah

Storm, Hyemeyohsts

 Price: $10.00

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

Goble, Paul, Illust. by: Paul Goble

 Price: $25.00

Tristram Bent

Safford, Henry Barnard

 Price: $19.00

Wearing the Morning Star: Native American Song-Poems

Swann, ed., Brian

 Price: $6.00