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Absolut: Biography of a BottleHamilton, Carl - Product Image

Absolut: Biography of a Bottle

Hamilton, Carl

 Price: $10.00

Affischernas Kamp

Bodin and others, Sven

 Price: $40.00

August Strindberg

Lagercrantz, Olof

 Price: $15.00
Birth and Development of the Geological Sciences, TheAdams, Frank Dawson - Product Image

Birth and Development of the Geological Sciences, The

Adams, Frank Dawson

 Price: $15.00

De Svenska Luterska Forsamlingarnas och Svenskarnes HistoriaI Amerika

Norelius, E.

 Price: $33.00

Decorative Arts of Sweden, The

Plath, Iona

 Price: $12.00

Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy, The

Hansen, Bent

 Price: $12.00

Edvard Munch - Age and Milieu

Moen, Arve

 Price: $50.00

Edvard Munch - Theme and Variation

Schroder (Editor), Klaus Albrecht/Antonia Hoerschelmann

 Price: $50.00

Far from Denmark

Martins, Peter

 Price: $23.00
Fight the Wild Island: A Solo Walk Across IcelandEdwards, Ted - Product Image

Fight the Wild Island: A Solo Walk Across Iceland

Edwards, Ted

 Price: $11.00

Finland and Its Geography

Platt, Raye, R. (ed.)

 Price: $11.00

Finland and Its People

Medill, Robert

 Price: $8.00

Finland and the Great Powers: Memoirs of a Diplomat

Gripenberg, G.A.

 Price: $22.00

Finland in Pictures

Suova, Maija (ed.)

 Price: $8.00

Finland: A Democracy of the North: Selected Articles from the Finland Year Book, 1947


 Price: $8.00

Finland: Creation and Construction

Kallas, Hillar and Sylvie Nickels (eds.)

 Price: $8.00

Gods Delight, The: The Human Figure in Classical Bronze

Kozloff, Arielle P. & David Gordon Mitten

 Price: $20.00

Graphic Art of Edvard Munch

Timm, Werner

 Price: $38.00

Great North, The

Bellotti, Felice

 Price: $8.00

Growing Up in Norway 800 to 1990

Martinson, Floyd M.

 Price: $19.00

Growth of Scandinavian Law, The

Orfield, Lester Bernhardt

 Price: $36.00

History of Finland, A

Jutikkala, Eino, Kauko Pirinen

 Price: $12.00

History of Scandinavia, from the Early Times of the Northmen and Vikings to the Present Day

Sinding, Paul C.

 Price: $18.00

Ingmar Bergman Directs

Simon, John

 Price: $25.00

Jenny Lind - The Swedish Nightingale

Shultz, Gladys Denny

 Price: $18.00



 Price: $10.00
King's Architecture, A: Christian IV and His BuildingsSkovgaard, Joakin A. - Product Image

King's Architecture, A: Christian IV and His Buildings

Skovgaard, Joakin A.

 Price: $15.00

Lapland Journey

Sutherland, Halliday

 Price: $10.00

Lappi - Lappland

Jokela, Eila

 Price: $8.00

Life of Ogyu Sorai - A Tokugawa Confucian Philosopher, The

Lidin, Olof G.

 Price: $35.00

Living It Up: OurLove Affair With Luxury

Twitchell, James B.

 Price: $10.00

Look at Finland

Aho, and Soldan

 Price: $8.00

Louis Agassiz: A Life in Science

Lurie, Edward

 Price: $23.00

Louisiana Revy - Volume 11, Number 1 - October 1970

Louisiana Revy

 Price: $38.00

Modern Welfare States: Politics and Policies in Social Democratic Scandinavia

Einhorn, Eric S.

 Price: $12.00

Mountains Wait, The

Broch, Theodor

 Price: $11.00

Norway 1940

Ash, Bernard

 Price: $25.00
Norwegian Language in America, The: A Study in Bilingual BehaviorHaugen, Einar - Product Image

Norwegian Language in America, The: A Study in Bilingual Behavior

Haugen, Einar

 Price: $38.00

Norwegian Pictures: Drawn with Pen and Pencil

Lovett, Richard

 Price: $80.00

Norwegian-American Studies Volume 30

Lovoll et. al., Odd S.

 Price: $12.00

Olles Ski Trip

Beskow, Elsa

 Price: $63.00

Posy of Flowers Painted by Scandinavian Artists in the Time of Hans Christian Andersen

Nollen , Bernard

 Price: $31.00

Scandinavia Beckons

Oakley, Amy, Illust. by: Thornton Oakley

 Price: $8.00

Scandinavian Art - Scandinavian Monographs Volume V

Laurin, Carl/Emil Hannover/Jens Thiis

 Price: $19.00

Scandinavian Art

Laurin, Et. Al., Carl

 Price: $31.00

Scandinavian Bookmaking in the Twentieth Century

Dal, Erik

 Price: $10.00
Scandinavian CountryBarwick, Joann - Product Image

Scandinavian Country

Barwick, Joann

 Price: $25.00

Scandinavian Film

Hardy, Forsyth

 Price: $19.00

Scandinavian Loan-Words in Middle English: Part One

Bjorkman, Erik

 Price: $18.00

Scandinavian Misadventure: The Campaign in Norway 1940

Harvey, Maurice

 Price: $15.00
Scandinavian Quilt Style: Create a cosy home with over 40 patchwork and sewing projectsBakke, Trinne - Product Image

Scandinavian Quilt Style: Create a cosy home with over 40 patchwork and sewing projects

Bakke, Trinne

 Price: $10.00

Scandinavian Races, The: The Northmen, the Sea-Kings andVikings

Sinding, Paul C.

 Price: $32.00

Suomi: From Aeroplane


 Price: $16.00

Svenska Folket

Wallander, J.W. & Onkel Adam, Illust. by: J.W. Wallander

 Price: $51.00

Swedish Folk Art: All Tradition Is Change

Klein, Barbro

 Price: $31.00

Switzerland and the Adjacent Portions of Italy, Savoy, and Tyrol: Handbook for Travelers

Baedeker, Karl

 Price: $50.00

The Charm of Scandinavia

Clark, Francis E. and Sydney A. Clark

 Price: $18.00

This is Democracy - Collective Bargaining in Scandinavia

Childs, Marquis W.

 Price: $15.00
Thumb of Knowledge in Legends of FinnScott, Robert D. - Product Image

Thumb of Knowledge in Legends of Finn

Scott, Robert D.

 Price: $25.00

Two Vagabonds in Sweden and Lapland

Gordon, Jan and Cora J., Illust. by: Jan and Cora J. Gordon

 Price: $30.00

Wings over the Kattegatt: A Swedish coastline, caught by the camera of Sven Gillsater

Gillsater, Sven

 Price: $15.00